A More Supportive World for Women

Did you ever wake up one morning thinking about something you wish would change dramatically in the world? For the past couple mornings I’ve had something on my mind involving a subject that has been near and dear to me since my middle school days. For those who have followed my blog and/or my Twitter feed for some time know that supporting women is a social cause I’m passionate about. I grew up around women all my life and learned all that I ever needed to know about being an ally to women and women’s rights. It’s with this passion for supporting women that I thought: How great it would be if the world came to its senses and became a more empowering place for women?
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Dear Society, Stop Pressuring Women

women heroines
It’s both sad and disturbing you continue to be grossly obsessed with a woman’s looks instead of the amazing talents she possesses to change the world. Take a seat and prepare yourself for what I’m about to say because either this won’t sit well with you or you’ll think I’ve been “brainwashed” (that’s laughable): everyone is physically made differently. There are tall people, short people, skinny people and heavyset people. Big deal. All of us celebrate body diversity – and you should too. It’s what makes the world so special. And that crazy notion of yours about a woman not being worth anything unless she’s a size 0 to 2? Sorry to rain on your grossly antiquated viewpoints but a dress size never ever defines a woman’s greatness. What defines a woman is what she does to follow her heart, take risks and courageously lead while inspiring others.

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“She Rules” on Netflix in One Outstanding Ad

During this year’s Emmys, Netflix rolled out one amazing ad celebrating some of the incredibly talented (and badass) women from its most popular shows from Orange is the New Black to Frankie & Grace. Not only was the ad well done and passes my “Positive Portrayals of Women in the Media” test, it’s a big step in the right direction to showcase the multi-talented actresses that make everyone’s favorite shows so exciting. Keep it going, Netflix!

Riding High on the Portland Aerial Tram

Portland Aerial Tram Portland Oregon
On a random Saturday in February I headed slightly outside of downtown Portland to visit to one of Portland’s outstanding attractions: the Portland Aerial Tram. Opened in 2006 and designed in Switzerland / Los Angeles, the aerial tram (made up of two trams “Jean” and “Walt”) takes riders from the South Waterfront all the way up to the renowned Oregon Health & Science University hospital campus on Marquam Hill and back. More than just a small “thrill ride”, the aerial tram But I’ll let the photos I took throughout the day do all the talking.

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An Unusual San Francisco Airport Adventure

It was over a month ago that I found inspiration for a radically new travel adventure – traveling to a major city on a Saturday without leaving the confines of the airport. Crazy? Yes. Exciting? Absolutely. In planning my incredibly crazy travel adventure I only had one requirement: the airport with enough amenities to keep a travel enthusiast occupied for a few hours. After scoring a fantastic deal on airfare through Alaska Airlines, I decided my airport for this adventure would be the San Francisco International Airport (SFO for short). So how did my adventure go?

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Mustang : Sisterhood in an Oppressive World

On another cold Christmas weekend day, it was off to see another film that just opened at the Living Room Theaters here in downtown Portland. Directed by Deniz Gamze Erg├╝ven, Mustang centers on five orphaned sisters, Lale, Nur, Ece, Selma and Sonay, whose innocent play one summer day with some local boys sets off alarms in their rural Turkish village and with their strict, conservative grandmother and uncle. Because of this innocent play the family home becomes a prison where bars and gates guard the girls from escaping, outside pop culture influences such as computers and cell phones confiscated, girls clothing reduced to modest dresses, and teachings in cooking and homemaking become the norm. But throughout the film, a hero emerges among the sisters that makes Mustang one of the best feminist films of our time.

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A Haunting Carol Love Story

It was a cold Christmas Day in downtown Portland, Oregon when I stepped into the Fox Tower theater and saw one of the greatest works of filmmaking in some time – Carol, a drama/romance film directed by Todd Haynes and starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara recounting the story of Carol Aird (Blanchett), Therese Belivet (Mara) and their forbidden love affair during the pre-Cold War 1950s. Upon seeing the trailers many times and anxiously awaiting for the film to play in the Portland metro area, I had no specific expectations going into the screening. Carol, in my eyes, was already a masterpiece even as the film awards and praise keep coming in for Hayes, Blanchett, Mara and the entire Carol film. But what I saw on the screen is a filmgoing experience I certainly won’t forget.
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World of Speed Celebrates Women in Racing

World of Speed Women in racing
On a chilly, winter Sunday morning I decided to make a quick trip down to Wilsonville, Oregon to check out the new “Women in Racing” exhibit at the World of Speed motorsports museum. This exhibit, which opened last Saturday, celebrates five of the top 100 women in the United States who’ve raced their way to success on the racetrack. I believe I’ll let the photos do the talking just to show how exciting this exhibit is and why it’s a must-see.

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