8 Women Musicians You’ve Never Heard Of…But Should!

Ask anyone today about how music plays a role in his or her life and you would receive a variety of answers. Whether it’s to relax us after a long day at work, to pass the time in the car or to give us an excuse to rock out, music has a powerful effect. But behind the music is the talented artist; an artist born with the gift for song and music, an artist that expresses creativity and often weaves a delicate balance of storytelling and music.

While today’s stars such as Lady Gaga dominate the music scene, handfuls of aspiring women musicians are out there creating captivating music that deserves much bigger attention. For this blog post, I present to you (and it was a hard decision narrowing the lineup down) eight (8) women musicians deserving of the world’s attention:

Dame Evelyn Glennie

A gifted and incredible musician unlike any you’ve heard in the world today. She’s performed with almost every orchestra in the world, appeared in an award-winning documentary and collaborated with music icons such as Sting, Björk and Bobby McFerrin. As the world’s first full-time Solo Percussionist, Scotland native Dame Evelyn Glennie brings a whole new dimension to music with her array of drums and other percussion instruments. Known for performing barefoot at every performance, Glennie is one of those rare musicians that, once you listen to her music, leaves a lasting impression and changes the way you think about music. Did I mention Glennie is also an influential motivational speaker, instructor and jewelry designer too?

Official website | YouTube

Carly Jo Jackson

Florida is home to many superstars, but one that shines the brightest is Orlando native (and Florida Atlantic University student) Carly Jo Jackson. Jackson’s passion for music and enthusiasm for life really shows through as she creates musical brilliancy with her acoustic guitar — which will win your heart in a second.

Official website | YouTube


Out of the UK comes a singing voice so mezmerizing you’d think it wasn’t for real. But believe me, it’s for real. Her name is Safanah and she is undoubtedly the next big thing to emerge in soul music. Safanah’s upbeat, sophisticated style of song, mixed with lyrics packed with emotion, provide a rich satisfying, yet soothing musical experience that brings a wide appeal to audiences of all ages. In other words, Safanah’s music is perfect feel-good music to unwind to from a day at the office.

Official website

Christie Lenée

If you think you’ve heard all the great guitarists in the world, you haven’t heard the captivating Christie Lenée from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Watching Lenée play the guitar is like watching a great master painter, Lenée allows her fingers to be the paintbrush and her guitar as the blank canvas; every movement paints a stunning masterpiece of sound and harmony. Something that even the best guitarists in the world would watch with envy.

Official website | YouTube

Ahn Trio

From Seoul, South Korea comes the Ahn Trio, a multi-talented group made up of three sisters from Maria (cellist), Lucia (pianist) and Angella (violinist). The Ahn Trio brings a fresh approach to classical music while making it contemporary for new audiences. As a result, the Ahn Trio forms an incredible and distinct musical style that one would unanimously say is both elegant and modern.

Official website

Alyssa Jacey

No one can argue about the San Diego weather, and certainly no one could argue about San Diego’s rising rockstar, Alyssa Jacey. Self taught on the acoustic guitar, Ms. Jacey, a former dancer and choreographer, began to rise to a whole new level of musical creativity. So far that this hard-working artist was hitting the road on tours with big name acts such as Bruno Mars, Paula Cole and many more. Jacey is an incredible talent well on her way to international stardom—and possibly a place in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Official website | YouTube

Alisha Ohri

To many, Alisha Ohri represents the hard-working, independent New York City singer always striving to perfect her craft, while churning out jazzy songs worth of repeats on the iPod or car stereo. And you know what, she does! As her song “Cuz I Feel” shows, Ohri showcases a cool yet almost velvety voice that screams ‘sophistication.’ Like thousands of artists, Ohri clearly has big dreams as an independent artist, but as I will say on this blog, Ms. Ohri is the real deal.

Official Site

Edie Carey

Born in Vermont, Edie Carey epitomizes the independent musician: creative, original and never afraid to showcase her true self. One stand-out quality one will discover as I did right away is her gentle singing voice. There’s an innocent sweetness to her voice that not only is soothing but hypnotic. Hypnotic to the point where her songs become lullabies.
Official website

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