When Brittany Gibbons Gave a TEDx Talk, It Was Powerful…

It was only yesterday when I stumbled across a TEDx Talk in Bowling Green, Ohio on YouTube from the badass writer and humorist Brittany Gibbons called “Courageous Beauty”. Now mind you, I’m aware of the influence TEDx talks have on sharing and promoting ideas and creativity in the world around us. But Gibbons’s TEDx talk was the first ever TEDx talk video I’ve watched – and has certainly become my most favorite talk.

For those who won’t bother to watch, Gibbons’s “Courageous Beauty” touches on the topic of body image to tell her personal story of childhood struggles with body image and bullying because of her weight. It’s a topic most everyone at some point in his or her life has dealt with or knows someone that has experienced this. But Gibbons’s story wasn’t like anyone else’s that I’ve heard in the past. In my eyes, Gibbons’s talk was raw, personal, and downright relatable. In this day and age where women and girls are facing a constant pressure every day to fit in and achieve “The Barbie Look”, Gibbons has taken the negative and created her own trailblazing empire to inspire and empower women everywhere that they are beautiful badasses regardless of what shape and size they are. I love what Gibbons is doing to help and empower women everywhere, and I look forward to following her journey in the years to come. And that moment in the talk when Gibbons strips down to her black swimsuit? Beautiful, empowering, and so badass.

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