Dear Society, Stop Pressuring Women

women heroines
It’s both sad and disturbing you continue to be grossly obsessed with a woman’s looks instead of the amazing talents she possesses to change the world. Take a seat and prepare yourself for what I’m about to say because either this won’t sit well with you or you’ll think I’ve been “brainwashed” (that’s laughable): everyone is physically made differently. There are tall people, short people, skinny people and heavyset people. Big deal. All of us celebrate body diversity – and you should too. It’s what makes the world so special. And that crazy notion of yours about a woman not being worth anything unless she’s a size 0 to 2? Sorry to rain on your grossly antiquated viewpoints but a dress size never ever defines a woman’s greatness. What defines a woman is what she does to follow her heart, take risks and courageously lead while inspiring others.

Now if a woman wants to travel the world and start a travel blog or focus on her career instead of getting married, she has every right to it — and I strongly support whatever she chooses to do! Ostracizing women because they want to live their own life and not follow grossly-outdated “barefoot-and-pregnant in the kitchen” norms is childish and wrong. A woman is beautiful and strong in her own way and she is the only one in control of herself. Not you nor anyone else. Start worrying about your own life and let women be who they want to be without fear of scorn or ridicule. This is not just “a man’s world”, this is a world for everyone – including women. This that so hard to understand?

Not convinced yet? I thought so. What would you say if I told you that 99.99% of the major influences in my life were women? That’s right, women. My mother, my professors in college, my boss at my first design internship, all of them helped form me into the man I am today; respectful and supportive of women, basically treating a woman as an equal – a concept that’s become so foreign to you. Now tell me, does my make me less masculine? Absolutely not! I grew up around a family of women and I’m proud of my male feminist background. It just made me into a better man who has a deep passion for empowering women to have the same equal recognition and respect as men do.

So please, society, stop! Enough is enough. How do you think your daughters, nieces and granddaughters would feel if they were told they weren’t pretty or good enough? Not very well to say the least. Instead of trying to tear women down, how about encouraging them – or better yet – be a valuable supporter and provide guidance that will empower them in their own personal and professional lives? The world can and should be a much better and safer place for women if everyone can work together to make positive changes.

From a proud, strong supporter/ally of women,

Scott Bryant

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