The Best Travel Advice You’ll Hear…

There’s no question I love to travel. I love the feeling of arriving at the airport, boarding a plane and flying off onto an exciting, unplanned adventure. I’ve been to many parts of the United States, but even I know being a travel enthusiast means stepping outside of the comfort zone (home and the United States) and go abroad to And while there’s a long, long ways to go before I reach “world traveler” status, I continue to cherish my love for travel by following many inspiring travel blogging rockstars on social media. But there was one moment where one travel blogger changed my way of thinking about travel and life.

It was close to last year that I came across a YouTube video by one of my favorite follows (and great friend) Kristen Sarah of Hopscotch the Globe. In it, Kristen talks about the concept of “living in the moment — something I never once thought about and now think is absolutely the best piece of travel advice. I could go on longer in praising Kristen and the work she does for the travel world, but after watching this video, I gave serious thought into what I would want my life mantra to be. It goes like this: Never dwell on the past, enjoy each day, laugh, go barefoot all the time, enjoy your surroundings, and be thankful everyday for being alive and sharing love and memories with friends and families. Oh, and don’t forget to travel too!

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