The Great Tracey Spicer’s TEDx Talk

A blog post or two back I shared a self-esteem TEDx Talk that was given from Brittany Gibbons. This time, I discovered another women’s empowerment TEDx Talk, but this time it comes from Australian media personality, TV anchor, columnist, and travel writer Tracey Spicer.

In her talk, titled “The Lady Stripped Bare”, Spicer discusses about how productivity is disrupted when society expects women to spend more time on their looks and not on their work ambitions and goals. First off, I love Spicer’s sense of humor shining through the first part of her talk. It’s a perfect way to get the audience comfortable and smiling, but at the same time, stresses to the audience that what’s about to be discussed is important. What I most admire about Spicer, after watching this brilliant talk, is her honest point of view. She doesn’t sugarcoat things as if saying “Oh it’s no big deal, just ignore it and carry on” as most would say; Spicer gets to the heart of the topic by showing what it really is to try and conform to society’s unrealistic standards. It’s a real and serious problem when women can’t be the best they can be with their careers and life when the rest of the world cares more about how they look and dress. To me, who cares what society thinks. If society can’t accept or appreciate women for who they are and what they look like (with and/or without makeup), then that’s their loss.

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