Brittany Gibbons & The Greatest TEDx Talk

In 2011, writer and humorist Brittany Gibbons gave one of the most empowering (and epic) TEDx talks known to humanity. Gibbons, who titled her talk “Courageous Beauty”, discusses about body image and her childhood struggles with bullying because of her weight. When I first saw this talk on YouTube, it touched me deeply — especially when Gibbons discussed about the cruel comments some people posted on her humor blog about her weight. It floors me to think that some people (men and women) go so far to troll and prey upon someone as beautiful as Gibbons just because if his or her own lack of self-confidence. Gibbons deserves endless praise for staying strong against her critics, loving her already-beautiful self and being a shining light to those who may identify with her in his or her own body issue struggles. I’ve said it today and I will continue to say it for years to come: “Courageous Beauty” is one of the greatest TEDx talks ever given.

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