Heather Hansen: An Artistic Genius

Everyone has their own definition of what art is. To the more conventional crowd, art is drawing or painting what one sees (still life, nude figure) on paper or canvas. But to others art is a way of liberating oneself creatively and expressing his or her inner feeling and emotions. There’s no debate here: most people would enthusiastically agree with the latter statement as the perfect definition of art. And there’s no greater artist that personifies this definition than Heather Hansen from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Emptied Gestures – Grand Isle from Heather Hansen on Vimeo.

When the viewer watches Hansen’s Emptied Gestures (which should be considered as one of the greatest art performances of all time), he or she is so mesmerized by Hansen’s precise, fluid movements it would naturally be assumed Hansen is an art world magician; a magician that allows the charcoal, sand or any other medium to flow from her fingertips in harmony. What Hansen ends up creating is some of the most gorgeous symmetrical line drawings one will ever see anywhere. It’s one thing to stand and stare at a static piece of artwork in a museum trying to analyze what an artist is trying to communicate, but when artist and art come alive through performance art, it’s awe-inspiring.

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