The Empowerment Project filmmakers

L to R: Sarah Moshman, Dana Michelle Cook, Ashley Hammen, Alana Fickes, Vanessa Crocini  Image courtesy of
L to R: Sarah Moshman, Dana Michelle Cook, Ashley Hammen, Alana Fickes, Vanessa Crocini
Image courtesy of

If I were to tell you who I consider to be one of my favorite filmmakers of today, it would be an easy choice: Emmy Award winning director & producers Sarah Moshman & Dana Michelle Cook along with co-producer Ashley Hammen, director of photography Alana Fickes and documentary shooter Vanessa Crocini. What makes these five filmmakers and friends one of my favorites is they embarked on a filmmaking journey to create the most important (and greatest) women’s empowerment documentary film of our time. And here’s why…

Through Moshman and Cook’s Heartfelt Productions with a partnership with IndieFlix, The Empowerment Project: Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things documents Moshman & crew’s journey across the United States as they interview a group of some of the most extraordinary women today changing the world. From a brewmaster to astronaut to a four star admiral in the Navy, The Empowerment Project aims to inspire girls and women from 8 to 88 that women can change the world and be whoever they want to be. So far The Empowerment Project has been screened 67 times at various events and schools across the country – while winning awards at this year’s Ft Lauderdale International Film Festival and Lady Filmmakers Festival! Sarah and crew even had a full house and huge standing ovation when the film was screened at a Nordstrom sponsored event at McCaw Hall in Seattle, Washington three months ago!

I’ve been a longtime supporter of The Empowerment Project and I cannot tell you how proud I am for these super talented filmmakers. Each one of them has set the bar for young filmmakers (men and women) of the future to become inspired, set out into the world with a film camera and create filmmaking magic. No matter what other films each of them go on to produce and/or direct in the future, The Empowerment Project will always be their crowning achievement that I hope generations of film lovers, filmmakers and supporters of women’s empowerment will enjoy. If it were up to me, The Empowerment Documentary would get my vote for an Oscar award.


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