Rainbeau Mars: The Greatest Artist & Visionary

In the vibrant city of Los Angeles lives one of the finest actors, artists and visionaries whose words of positive empowerment, love and support through healthy living and earth conservation has resonated with millions all over the world. Her name is Rainbeau Mars and she’s an inspirational force unlike anyone has ever seen or met. Rainbeau also happens to be one of my idols for her positive activism and passion for helping and inspiring others around her. With that, here are four examples of why Rainbeau Mars is an inspiring woman and visionary.

1. Her Story

Anyone who follows or has met Rainbeau Mars through social media or in real life will be instantly captivated by her life story. And while Rainbeau tells her story better than I could fit in this blog post, one thing is clear: Rainbeau lives to share her knowledge and inspire others to pursue a personal fulfillment through body and health. ‘Down to earth’ is one way to describe Rainbeau. But more appropriately, Rainbeau is grounded in her amazing wisdom and never tries to just be the “teacher” but as a student who learns from others and herself every single day.

2. Shine Series

Just last year Rainbeau launched a new web series Shine for inspiring people to reconnect and do more good for the environment and personal fitness, health and yoga. One of the entries in this fantastic series featured an appearance from her mother and daughter as they show ways to contribute to a healthier earth from gardening to composting at home. It’s so neat to see the Mars family carrying on and handing down their teachings to family members so they too can inspire and create a positive world for future generations of world changers.

3. Protecting the Earth on Halloween 2014

On the night of costumes, parties and trick-or-treating, Rainbeau easily took the title of Coolest Neighbor on Halloween Night. Instead of handing out gross sugary candy Rainbeau gave trick-or-treaters young and old a small plant with soil topped with a live earthworm to educate about the importance of protecting the earth. If I had a neighbor like Rainbeau back in the 90s when I was a kid I would have been thrilled to get one of these and do my part to save the earth. Besides, what kid (or kid at heart) doesn’t like playing in the dirt?

4. Rainbeau Mars Lifestyle
If I were to pick my most favorite brand, Rainbeau Mars Lifestyles would be my choice. Her website is beautiful, informative, and features some of the best content that’s both engaging and gets people coming back for more and more. From a blog to health, beauty and fitness tips, Rainbeau Mars Lifestyles is every healthy living enthusiast’s dream. It is here one can learn more about her famous (and highly recommended) The 21 Day SuperStar Cleanse which gives excellent fitness tips, delicious healthy recipes and much more.

In this crazy and negative world that pays more attention to sports events, ugly politics and gossip, many people never realize how much he or she is missing out getting to meet and know one of the most incredible innovators, activists and artists of our time in Rainbeau Mars. As the new year turns 5 days old, I only hope more and more discover Rainbeau and all that she offers – because she is the voice of positive empowerment, love and support which is sorely lacking in this world today.


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