Taryn Brumfitt & Body Image Movement

Image courtesy of Taryn Brumfitt and The Body Image Movement
Images courtesy of Taryn Brumfitt and The Body Image Movement

18 years ago, when I was only in seventh grade, a close friend of mine Rebekah took her own life after struggling with an eating disorder and humiliating bullying at the hands of fellow peers. She thought the world hated her and that she was “fat” which was never true. Rebekah’s passing rocked me to the core, changed my life and forever influenced me to become a lifelong supporter/advocate of women, women’s empowerment and positive body image. But then one day, through social media, I met the great Taryn Brumfitt from Australia, founder of The Body Image Movement and soon learned more about one of the world’s most beautiful advocate for positive body image.

Taryn started The Body Image Movement to empower other women that what they are on the outside is just as beautiful as what’s in the inside and in their hearts. And what a beautiful message it was. It was from her words of self-confidence and beauty that carried Taryn on to speaking engagements including her powerful Developing Daughters/Supporting Sons talks. Taryn’s journey would also take her to places including The Sydney Skinny nude ocean swim, Good Morning America and all the way to creating her very first documentary for The Body Image Movement.

And here’s the powerful trailer to Taryn’s heartbreaking and emotionally powerful documentary. I shed tears every time I view this – especially during Tayrn’s interview at the Sydney Skinny swim.

I cannot praise Taryn enough for her beautiful words of action and for all she has set out to empower in the world of positive body image for women. Too many times have I seen women feel like they’re not good enough or pretty enough to earn the love, respect and support from others all because they don’t fit the media’s “Victoria Secret model image.” But in every step of the way Tayrn has given so many women hope and confidence to stand up against the media and society’s beauty standards and embrace the real and beautiful version of themselves. That is what not only makes Tayrn a beautiful human being inside and out, but also one of the best leaders in women’s empowerment and body image today. If my friend Rebekah were here today she would probably – and enthusiastically – agree too.


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