The Greatest Tweet Ever


Late Monday afternoon, the supremely talented humorist, model and author Brittany Gibbons tweeted a powerful message (shown above) that resonated with me in my lifelong passion for being a supporter and ally to women and women’s rights.

In my mind, Brittany is spot on 100 times over. With society and the media’s disgusting obsession with women having to be super perfect, women are often finding themselves competing and tearing other women down for everything from careers to relationships to fashion, the list goes on. Thankfully, many of the women I am good friends with in life strongly believe in empowering other women. I’d also like to add that real men support and stand up for all sizes of women. Because when women are empowered – and men put aside egos and work together with women as one – the world becomes a better place. Besides, women can do anything a man can – only better! Finally, all I can say is, thank you Brittany for tweeting this amazing message. It’s a message the entire world needs to hear often to show that no matter how society and the media tries to tear down women, women will always be the strong and inspiring leaders they were born to become.

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