IKEA Tables & Naturist Resorts

By now most people know who IKEA is. World famous for its assemble-it-yourself philosophy and modern home furnishings, IKEA has changed the way consumers shop and design home furnishings for his or her home. But IKEA tables and naturist resorts, you say? As bizarre as it might sound, it’s a stroke of advertising genius – and in some way portrays a lifestyle in a fun, positive way without crossing over into “let’s make fun of them” territory.

The ad, created by IKEA France, centers around a young woman experiencing life at a naturist resort. As the young woman navigates her way from one awkward situation to another (including that creepy weird guy at the dance), the ad cuts back to a woman and her two friends sitting at a table making the decision to visit a naturist resort. Using the best judgement on translation, the ad ends with “79% of important decisions are made at the table.” And it makes sense!

One interesting angle on this ad is its focus on the concept of the “table” being more than just a ubiquitous fixture in homes, apartments, or condominiums where meals are eaten on. Like a bedroom and bed being a place for rest and recharging, the table is almost like the support to what is being discussed or served on the surface between two or more people. If you think about it, world leaders make decisions at the table, same for CEOs, businesspeople, families, the list goes on. So why would one settle for an ordinary table, is clearly the question IKEA France is asking here.

Either way, IKEA France has made a gem of an ad that connects with people with their outstanding tables, even if a majority of consumers never plan on stepping foot in a naturist resort. Two thumbs up!


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