Jennifer Aniston & Emirates: Why the Uproar?

It’s always a sad moment when a perfectly good air travel commercial stirs up people into s fit of rage – especially when their hate involves comments such as “they’re part of the 1%” and other knee jerk reactions (some even outright sexist!). What is the ad that’s brought on so much anger, you ask? An Emirates Airline commercial featuring actress Jennifer Aniston.

To begin with, what part of this ad is offensive. Is it because – oh no! – a woman is traveling first class on a relaxing solo adventure (because we all know how some people are offended by independent, badass women). The way I see it, this ad clearly interprets itself is when you fly first class on Emirates, flying on other airlines seems non-exciting. But, oh no, an airline that promotes first class comforts is automatically deemed an “enemy to common folk” to some people today. Really? And I suppose people will go after Amtrak next because their sleep cars and first class seats are “elitist”. Some people really do need to get away from their computers and take a vacation.

It’s understandable, people are stressed out to the max and fed up with politicians and the government. But to take anger out on both an airline and a talented actress who is doing what she’s paid to do is a little over-the-top. Yes, flights on Emirates are expensive. Yes, not everyone can afford to go on leisure travel adventures every year. But travel is all about having fun and getting away for a recharge from the real world. However one prefers to travel and experience luxury is up to him or her. That’s what makes traveling so exciting. So with that, calm down everyone. There are bigger issues that are more upsetting in the world than a travel ad. It’ll be okay, really.


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