More Astrid Fontenelle Travel Adventures, Please!

It’s always fun when airlines like Delta use the power of YouTube to create engaging travel content to inspire others to buy a ticket and travel. One of those comes from Delta, who partnered up with world-renowned Brazilian journalist Astrid Fontenelle to offer a short travel series where Fontenelle explores Atlanta, Georgia (where Delta originated) and New York. As exciting as the travel shows on The Travel Channel are, Fontenelle’s adventure in Atlanta and New York rank high on the list for outstanding travel video.

Seeing Fontenelle explore both New York and Atlanta conjures up the amazing rush one gets when traveling to a new city and experiencing all that it offers to locals and tourists every single day. And I love the fact Fontenelle speaks in her native Spanish. Spanish is by far one of the most beautiful spoken languages in the world, and although I’ve forgotten much of what I remember from Spanish classes in college, listening to Fontenelle was both inspiring and got me thinking how much fun traveling and speaking fluent Spanish with Fontenelle would be.

See travel experiences from different perspectives is what makes the best travel content, and I hope more airlines and travel companies take a page from Delta’s playbook. Hopefully one will see more travel adventures of Fontenelle in the near future.


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