World of Speed Celebrates Women in Racing

World of Speed Women in racing
On a chilly, winter Sunday morning I decided to make a quick trip down to Wilsonville, Oregon to check out the new “Women in Racing” exhibit at the World of Speed motorsports museum. This exhibit, which opened last Saturday, celebrates five of the top 100 women in the United States who’ve raced their way to success on the racetrack. I believe I’ll let the photos do the talking just to show how exciting this exhibit is and why it’s a must-see.

World of Speed Women in Racing
World of Speed Courtney Force
World of Speed Betty Burkland
World of Speed Cindi Lux
World of Speed Michelle Miller
World of Speed Lyn St James
As I continued to check out the rest of the museum, I discovered very few artifacts from any other moments of women in racing. A few more artifacts that I came across included…
World of Speed Danica Patrick
Danica Patrick’s race suit.
World of Speed Janet Guthrie
A photo of Janet Guthrie, the first woman to qualify and race in both the Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500.
World of Speed Women in racing
And a women’s auto shop coat from the 1960s.
World of Speed museum
Once my tour of World of Speed concluded, I felt satisfied by the experience and the fact that I now have a new museum in the Portland metro area to revisit should there ever be more new exhibits highlighting women in racing (I hope World of Speed is planning more exhibits, considering there’s 95 other female racers in the United States that deserve recognition too).


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