About Me


Hi there! I’m Scott Bryant; strong supporter and ally of women, travel enthusiast, curious explorer and nature lover from the Pacific Northwest.

Supporting Women
Growing up with no brothers or male cousins, I learned everything about being not only respectful but also a strong ally & supporter of women. My passion for being a supporter of women took off in late 1997 when I was in 7th grade and became good friends with a new girl at school Rebekah. It was during our friendship that I visited her one weekend and learned disturbing details of her struggle with anorexia. Two days later, One of the most heartbreaking and disturbing events in his life occurred in my life: A group of my classmates mercilessly humiliated Rebekah because someone at school found out about her eating disorder. The next day, Rebekah left the school with speculation circulating that she had taken her own life. The events of that one weekend with Rebekah and what many of the classmates did to her had made it too painful to discuss for almost a few years afterward. On the positive side, this life-changing event helped me develop into the man I am today — and further inspired my passion for supporting women and women’s empowerment, even through the use of social media and this blog.

Alaska Airline Burbank California
December 2003 in Burbank, California

Ever since I was young, I’ve always had an interest in traveling. During my childhood in the 1990s, my family and I would often drive out on a Saturday to have lunch, park the car alongside the road and watch the commercial airline jets take off and land at Portland International Airport. The thrill of watching jumbo jets flying above the ground always thrilled me as a kid..and still does to this day. One of my favorite parts of traveling is going to the airport because it gives me a sense of embarking on a thrilling new adventure. Some of the destinations I hope to visit one day include Thailand, Fiji and Australia. Some of my other interests I like to indulge in my free time include going swimming, watching movies, barefoot walking and much more.


This blog serves as my personal journal about supporting women, travel, and anything else that I find interesting. Enjoy!

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