World of Speed Celebrates Women in Racing

World of Speed Women in racing
On a chilly, winter Sunday morning I decided to make a quick trip down to Wilsonville, Oregon to check out the new “Women in Racing” exhibit at the World of Speed motorsports museum. This exhibit, which opened last Saturday, celebrates five of the top 100 women in the United States who’ve raced their way to success on the racetrack. I believe I’ll let the photos do the talking just to show how exciting this exhibit is and why it’s a must-see.

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More Astrid Fontenelle Travel Adventures, Please!

It’s always fun when airlines like Delta use the power of YouTube to create engaging travel content to inspire others to buy a ticket and travel. One of those comes from Delta, who partnered up with world-renowned Brazilian journalist Astrid Fontenelle to offer a short travel series where Fontenelle explores Atlanta, Georgia (where Delta originated) and New York. As exciting as the travel shows on The Travel Channel are, Fontenelle’s adventure in Atlanta and New York rank high on the list for outstanding travel video.

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Two Creative Women & A Ford Campaign Out in Nature

Film by Josh A. Webber
You have Trina Merry, a world-renowned visual artist and body painter, Rainbeau Mars, the greatest actor/author/activist of our time, and Ford, one of America’s leading car manufacturers. What do you get when all three come together? You get a fantastic Ford campaign that not only promotes their Ford C-Max Hybrid cars, but also beautifully portrays environment and being one with nature. And what better setting than the Sequoia National Forest in California. Two thumbs up to Ford, Mars and Merry for creating a masterpiece in advertising.

A Mid-Autumn Festival Experience

Lan Su Chinese Garden Portland Oregon
As summer came to close last week the time had come for people to gather and celebrate the start of the autumn season. While most autumn festivals in the United States involve pumpkins, fall leaves and more pumpkins, some festivals bring world culture and fall together into experiences that are unlike anything most people get to witness. One such world festival I attended this past weekend was the Mid-Autumn Festival at the Lan Su Chinese Garden in downtown Portland, Oregon.

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